New Fabric Has Arrived – Available Now

There has been lots of new fabric loaded up to the ‘Available Now’ album today with more to come over the next day or so. 

There is just so many different and beautiful prints out there.  I always find it hard to top up orders because I never know what everyone will like.  Its very hard to not buy the stuff you like yourself and even harder when you have a little girl at home hanging over your shoulder telling you want she wants.

I do have to admit that I’m LOVING all the retro ‘old school’ prints that are out at the moment and one of my very favorite is Scuffy The Tugboat.  It brings back loads of ‘Little Golden Book’ memories and lets face it, its super cute!

I do have a little bit of this in stock in the turq and in the yellow but I’m sure it wont last long.  I can also order more in if you are after a larger amount. xx



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