Discover & Support Facebook Businesses – Sue-Ella Signatures Keepsake And Memorial Jewellery

As many of you will know in 2006 Scott and I were pregnant with our first baby.  We had done 6 IVF cycles and were so happy to finally have been given the wonderful news that we were going to be parents.  Many of you will also know that sadly our beautiful baby boy died 3 days after he was born.

For years after Zak’s birth I looked all over the world for something special in the way of jewellery in memory of Zak.  Who would have thought that after searching the world I would find someone just down the road from my house.  I now have a nice collection of beautiful jewellery.

Sue from Sue-Ella Signatures and her husband have become great friends of ours.  They are both lovely people and Sue’s caring and warm nature is what makes her perfect for the job she does.

It would be nice to never have to contact Sue but that’s just not life.  Sue-Ella Signatures makes and personalises keepsake and memorial jewellery. Her primary mission is to help bereaved families find comfort and healing in a unique and personal way through Keepsake and Memorial jewellery.

Handmade ‘Angel’ wings. These can have the finger print of a loved one on the back.

Her range of bereavement and keepsake jewellery includes personalized lockets, cremation jewellery, ‘story’ bracelets, the taking of a loved ones fingerprint to be placed in fine silver and used in all kinds of keepsakes and jewellery and many other personalised items.  Her range grows and changes all the time.  Many of her pieces can hold ashes, hair and photos. If you have an idea of what you are after Sue will try her hardest to make that idea a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Mens Dog Tags – This is actually my husbands. The tags have been etched with the actual foot print (made smaller) the hospital did of Zak and the hand print is Miss G’s.

One of the many pendants available. They can hold ashes or hair.

So while my wish is that no one would ever have to contact Sue, I do think it’s very important that everyone knows Sue is there to help and comfort if anything terrible ever does happen.


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