Miss G’s Fabric Will Soon Be Turning 1


Well with Miss G’s Fabrics 1st birthday quickly approaching I have been madly thinking of different things I can do to thank all my wonderful customers who have shared my love of fabric over the last 12 months and I think I have it all sorted in my very messy and full mind! 🙂

Details are still to come so stay tuned but like always I will be having a giveaway for all those who have ever placed an order with me.  I have a record of every order and I do like to keep my main giveaways for those who have ordered from Miss G’s Fabric.  Nothing frustrated me more than entering a giveaway on a page I love only to see 300 people join the page just so they can enter and win something for FREE.  I know it’s a great way to get new ‘likers’ but lets face it, the number of ‘likers’ you have has very little to do with sales.

I will also be having a ‘%OFF’ discount for all Pre Orders made.  The details of those dates and % will also be coming soon.

So keep an eye out for ‘Birthday Blog’ posts.



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