Bambi Anyone??

I get asked ALL the time for different fabric.  Peppa Pig is one I get asked about a couple of times a week.  I have looked EVERYWHERE with no luck yet.  From what I can tell most items made out of Peppa Pig fabric are made from bed sheet sets.  A very clever idea if you are desperate for Peppa Pig fabric.

Another print I’m asked about all the time is Bambi and im SUPER happy to say I have just found a supplier and have ordered a limited amount to see how it sells.  I always get a little nervous when I use a new supplier so fingers crossed all is ok and I will be able to order more fabric in the future from them.

I wont be taking Pre Orders for the Bambi fabric but once it is here I will post how much I have and it will be a case of first to pay gets their order filled.  If it sells well I will look at getting more in.


4 thoughts on “Bambi Anyone??

  1. I also have this fabric. It is a really nice quality and the colours are just as vibrant as in the pics. I don’t think you will have any trouble moving it 🙂 kree8 – for kiddies and all

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